4 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Cybersecurity

An important aspect of running a successful business is ensuring it remains secure. In fact, one study found that companies without an alarm system are 4.5 times more likely to be victims of burglaries than those without any security. Unfortunately, certain companies are forgetting to secure what’s inside of their doors. The Internet of Things refers to any device with an on and off switch for connecting to the internet. Unfortunately, hackers are aware of the popularity of these devices. If you want to protect your business, it’s important to be prepared for cyber threats. With that in mind, here are four ways to ramp up your company’s cybersecurity.

  1. Partner with a Security Executive Search Firm

    In certain situations, companies will simply lack the knowledge of how to increase certain aspects of cybersecurity. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider contacting security executive search firms. One study from 2013 found that businesses found 5.9% of all external hires by partnering with search firms, the highest percentage in nearly 10 years. Executive search services learn which types of talent your business needs. For instance, executive security search firms can help companies looking for upper level cybersecurity talent.
  2. Back Up Company Data Often

    There’s nothing worse than losing large amounts of valuable data. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to take the time to back up your company’s information. Advancements in technology have made creating backups more convenient than ever. Many programs and operating systems allow for automatic backups to occur. This means never having to remember to back up data because it’s already done for you. If you’re worrying about backups taking away company resources, schedule these events to take place during non business hours.
  3. Encourage Employees to Report Suspicious Emails

    One of the biggest threats to any company is dealing with a hacker. Unfortunately, these individuals regularly come up with various ways to bypass company security. One of these ways involves trying to trick you and your employees. Hackers often come with elaborate email schemes designed to gain entry into your company’s network. This can happen in a single click of a computer mouse. Therefore, it’s crucial to have all employees report any suspicious emails to your IT department.
  4. Utilize Multi Factor Authentication

    Unfortunately, hackers are often able to utilize software in order to figure out passwords. If you’re wanting to keep your company protected, it’s wise to use multi factor authentication. While this process might sound complicated, it’s relatively simple. Multi factor authentication simply means completing more than one action to log in. For instance, a user might put in their password in addition to a secret code.

In closing, there are several ways your company can increase its cybersecurity. If your company isn’t prepared for hackers, it could have devastating effects on your business. With that in mind, many companies reach out to security executive search firms. This way, a business can speak with a representative about their security concerns. In turn, security executive search firms work to find talent that provides what your company is looking for.

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