Finding a Way to Keep Your Team on Focus During Difficult Testing Can Be a Challenge

Last weekend on the second time the team simply left the applications and databases up instead of shutting them down for the test. The listener’s feed is already on blackout, so leaving the database available should not be a problem. They will reconnect as soon as the maintenance page goes down.
When the team does these late night tests, the lead shares his spreadsheet window so that the entire team is able to view what is going on, what steps have cleared, and what actions are coming up next.
There any risk that some of the bit processing may start if the server is down, but the team is in agreement that leaving the applications and databases running at the same time. Not all programs have a pause button, so it is either a matter of shutting everything down or leaving everything up. If it works as planned, it will save the team 30 minutes at the end of the testing, and there is no cost.
Saturday night tests are not really any fun for anyone involved, so it makes sense to Continue reading

Do You Have the Right Healthcare Administration Software in Place?

When it comes to using healthcare administration software your HR department needs software that has been developed to meet the needs of unique organizations. Having the ability to administer multiple plans or just one plan is always a perk as long as there are scalable options with flexible solutions. The right healthcare administration software has all of that and can be tailored to fit your every need including innovative claims solutions and healthcare payer solutions.

It Takes More Than Just Software

It takes more than just software to make your healthcare administration processes perform smoothly. It takes great customer service, support and technological expertise. Use healthcare administration software provided by industry trained professionals that have a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have the ability to handle situations in an effective and proactive manner without wasting your time.

Introducing MediClaim Software

The MedContinue reading

What You Need To Know About Vibratory Finishing Machines Before You Buy

Vibratory finishing machines come in various sizes and can be found within many different industries. These deburring machines are primarily used for smoothing the surface of components to result in an even polished finish.

How Vibratory Finishing Machines Work

This type of finishing machine works by using vibrations to force components to grind against one another within the finishing chamber. This consistent grinding action helps clean, descale, and polish the components until the desired finish is achieved.

Additionally, vibratory finishing machines can have multiple configurations including, thru-feeds, round bowls, and batch tubs, any of which can benefit specific projects and jobs. The specific set up you use will depend on the type of finishing you’re trying to do. Larger mass projecContinue reading