Why Communication is Crucial to the Success of Any Business

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In this day and age of constantly evolving technologies, social media, and eCommerce, it’s easy to believe that the most important thing to finding success in the business sphere is technology. In truth, however, modern business technology is only as good as the things it brings to your business. That’s why Voice over IP services, otherwise known as VoIP, are among the most used, best loved technologies in the business world — they improve your business’s communications ability.

Why Does Communication Matter to Your Business?
Communication, as written on Enterprise Nation, is the lifeblood of any successful business. Without open communication, unrest will foment among your workers and your turnover rates will skyrocket. Without open communication, you won’t be able to maintain your relationship with your business partners and your bottom line will suffer for it. Without open communication, your ability to communicate with vendors and suppliers will deteriorate, making it very difficult, indeed, to get your goods and services out there. In other words, communication is everything.

How Can Hosted VoIP Service Providers Help?
Whereas before businesses relied on outdated, land-based telephone service providers to meet their communication needs, recent advances in telephony technologies have led to more reliable, cheaper communication options. These options, provided by hosted VoIP service providers, are leading to improved communication and better business overall. Here’s how:

  • According to Tech Target, a single VoIP line can host up to 64 calls simultaneously. That improved communications capacity means businesses can make and receive important calls without an issue.
  • VoIP drastically reduces the amount businesses have to spend on their communications. In fact, as statistics from About.com show, between international and domestic calls being 90% and 40% cheaper, respectively, and no huge technology costs, businesses are seeing savings in the thousands within the first year of service.
  • VoIP systems bring all of your communication needs to one place. Whether you need to make a phone call, check your voice mail, send an IM, or read your email, VoIP lets you do it from your computer, smartphone, or any other VoIP compatible device. In other words, you never have to worry about missing important correspondence again.

Has your business enjoyed the success that comes with hosted VoIP solutions? Share your stories in the comments below! More.

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