Why Businesses Are Switching to the Cloud

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The cloud is here and it’s changing the world of IT. For businesses of all sizes, it makes more sense to switch to cloud hosting. Cloud computing offers three components, namely infrastructure, platform and software. On all three counts, it outperforms traditional IT. The reliability of data storage and the lower costs of cloud computing are the clinching arguments in favor of changing to the cloud. For businesses and especially IT directors looking to make the switch, Cisco Meraki equipment and services offer 100% managed cloud IT.

Cisco Meraki equipment is the industry leader
Cisco Meraki has been around since 2006 and in the space of eleven years has become an industry leader. Offering 100% cloud managed IT, Cisco Meraki has 140,000 customers and connects 2 million network devices worldwide.
Merlin support offers comprehensive services including wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, and security cameras. The benefits of Meraki access points can be accessed through the web-based dashboard interface.

Why businesses are switching to the cloud
By 2013, more than 60% of businesses ere using various cloud services. Rising bandwidth requirements drove this shift, as did the lower costs of cloud computing compared to traditional IT and networks. With the move to wireless systems, the market for network equipment market is expected to expand to $30.6 billion by 2020.
Businesses find that cloud computing gives them greater flexibility and accessibility, allowing for streamlining of operations. The accessibility of platforms and software via wireless internet networks makes it possible to share data across departments.
There’s also the question of data safety. A recent survey found that over half of the businesses responding transferred sensitive and confidential data to the cloud.

Benefits of switching to Cisco Meraki support
Switching to Cisco Meraki equipment and services allows customers to reduce operational costs and streamline and expand their business operations. Cisco Meraki resellers offer complete services from implementation to ongoing monitoring and support.

By selecting a Meraki reseller, businesses can lower costs while increasing efficiencies and capabilities. As many as 82% of companies surveyed found that moving to cloud computing saved them money. As many as 80% of companies moving to the cloud said they noticed an overall improvement in their operations within six months.

Despite its name, there’s nothing fragile or ethereal about the cloud. It’s the workhorse of the data driven world of the new economy. Cisco Meraki equipment gives businesses all the support they need when it comes to their IT needs.

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