White Label Reselling Services Prove to Be Valuable for Small Marketing and Web Development Businesses

White label seo services

Lately, much buzz has surrounded the marketing and web-development industry regarding everything from the effectiveness, to the best tactics for marketing online. Within the industry of web-development and internet marketing, the combination of Internet search popularity, and the vast population of Internet search users, allows for search engine optimization (SEO) and other forms on digital marketing tactics to flourish. In fact, 41% of business-to-client marketers say that SEO makes the biggest impact on lead generation goals. Furthermore, white label SEO services allows individuals and businesses to increase their business by selling SEO campaigns under their own name, while a white label reseller firm completes the majority of the campaign’s research and daily tasks.

In case you’re unfamiliar with SEO, here’s a basic run-down of how it works. SEO works to improve the visibility and traffic of a website through the creation of high quality, and valuable content for Internet users. Relevant keywords that a website is trying to improve search engine rankings on will be present within this content, with the primary objective of search engine algorithms picking up on these keywords, and associating it with that specific website. This process allows search engines such as Google to recognize your website as more valuable for Internet users. Therefore, search engines like Google reward your efforts by improving the rankings of keywords for your website on the search engine results page. Recent analytic research shows that businesses and organizations that blog for SEO purposes have 434% more indexed pages, resulting in more web traffic, and more leads.

SEO is among the most effective online marketing strategies, and in many cases, much more effective than traditional marketing tactics. Market research shows that inbound leads from SEO campaigns, on average, cost 61% lower than outbound leads (cold calling, direct mail, etc.), and SEO features an 11.1% higher closing rate than outbound marketing tactics. Although SEO is very effective, a well-managed campaign requires a lot of work. Many smaller marketing and web development companies don’t have the time, man-power, knowledge or resources to create and manage multiple SEO campaigns for their clients, and will typically call upon the services of a white label reseller.

Online marketing agencies and SEO firms are becoming very popular. Many of these firms provide white label reseller programs that allow second party businesses to sell SEO campaigns under their own name, while the marketing firm accomplishes the bulk of the work necessary for a successful SEO campaign. Reselling programs are incredibly valuable because businesses can offer more effective marketing services to their clients, increase their profits, receive in-depth white label SEO reports, and not have to worry about sacrificing the time and resources that comes with managing multiple campaigns. These online marketing firms can also provide reselling programs for other effective online marketing strategies such as pay per click (PPC) and email marketing.

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