What Are the Benefits of Using a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Online gaming servers are great for those that have ever wanted a chance to play Minecraft with your friends or other online players. The idea of having to buy server hardware to create your own Minecraft server can be intimidating. Your first question will be, “how do I create my own Minecraft server?” The answer is simpler than you think, and there are a number of benefits of using dedicated server solutions over a shared server.

When you create your Minecraft server, you gain complete control over your server, and have control over how you set up your system. Your own Minecraft server will also improve data security during gameplay. As such it also functions as the most reliable server you could use for Minecraft. With your own server, you have your own backup and can determine for yourself your own security protocols. When playing multiplayer games, that’s an important benefit as the number of cyber crimes managed by federal agencies is increasing every year. Protect yourself with one of the cool MC servers and take control of Minecraft in a way you’ve never done before. It’s not that intimidating if you already know how to crush Minecraft.

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Are you tired of using outdated unreliable server hosting solutions? Statistics from the FBI show that approximately 280,000 cases of cybercrime occur every year in the United States. Can your outdated hosting system protect you from would-be cybercriminals?

Of course, there’s also the matter of eCommerce to consider. Now more than ever, every business needs a reliable way to host their eCommerce website, if they want a piece of the $1.25 trillion Internet Retailer estimates is spent online every year. Whether for increased revenues or security, the best way to improve your businesses IT capabilities is by using a cheap dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?
As defined by Tech Target, a dedicated server is the rental or purchase of server hosting platform for exclusive use. Unlike shared servers, using cheap dedicated servers means no one else has access to the system your business relies on to store its website, personnel records, and all other important data.

Why Use Dedicated Server Solutions Over Shared Servers?

    • Complete Control over Your Server

One of the biggest advantages of using a cheap dedicated server, as WebHostingTalk.com points out, is the complete control you have over your system. With shared solutions, you’re limited to the types of software you can install on the system, the amount of data you have access to, and everything else. Dedicated servers allow you to set up your system anyway you want.

    • Improved Data Security

When you use a dedicated server, your company and your company alone has access to that system. On the other hand, shared hosting solutions may give dozens of different businesses access to the same system, making it easier for others to gain access to your precious data. Clearly, a dedicated server represents the smarter, safer choice.

    • More Reliable Servers

Did you know that a server hosting company offering a 98% uptime brings with it 7.3 days of downtime every year? That’s over 175 hours a year that your customers won’t be able to access your website, and that’s time you won’t be able to get to the data you rely on to run your business. The best companies hosting dedicated servers offer uptimes of 99.9%, or 8.8 hours of downtime per year, according to About.com.

The Price of Dedicated Server Hosting Versus Shared
You should keep in mind that dedicated servers are almost always more expensive than their shared counterparts. However, that shouldn’t be read to mean they are expensive. According to ProBlogger.net, you can rent a dedicated server for as little as $99 a month, depending on the service you choose. The best dedicated server hosting services offer cheap dedicated servers without sacrificing the benefits of a dedicated solution.

Using a cheap dedicated server, you can better control your IT, protect your data, and improve your bottom-line. If you haven’t already made the switch, what are you waiting for? Good references here: San francisco server hosting


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