Use Monitored Alarm Systems in Your Home

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Homes that do not have monitored alarm systems are three times more likely to get broken into than homes that do have them. Do not let your home become a statistic; keep your home protected with monitored alarm systems today. Adt alarm systems have been in business for a long time, and have been protecting people with their monitored alarm systems for generations. You may want to consider installing ADT security in your home for the best possible protection.

A typical burglary lasts anywhere from 90 seconds to 12 minutes, and almost 95 percent of burglars are male. 47 percent of burglaries occur in the South, whereas the West and Midwest regions account for 21 percent of the nation’s burglaries. Plus, the Northeast is burglarized 11 percent of the time. Typically, if a burglar sees that your home is protected by a monitored alarm system, he will look elsewhere. Make all the burglars walk away from your home by contacting burglar alarm companies and have them install a monitored alarm system in your home. Your home alarm monitoring service will protect you and your family from burglars but they will also help keep your home secure from all other potential threats as well. Do not leave your family unprotected; have an ADT alarm system installed in your home so you can have peace of mind when you are at home or when you are gone. Monitored alarm systems are guaranteed to keep you safe so install one today.
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