Three Steps to a Successful Contract Proposal

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If your company relies on contracts for business profits, you understand the troubles that come with unreliable business. Some contracts provide a steady stream of income, but others come and go quickly and leave a large financial hole for your company to fill. Creating contract, small business or government proposals isn’t a fast or easy process, and when great care isn’t taken, it can mean missing out on a big business opportunity. The best way for your company to secure a healthy number of contracts for your business is to find companies looking for contract work and submit a professional and accurate contract pricing document.

  1. Research – The first step in the contract process is to research companies in the area that are looking for your particular type of business. For example, a construction company may reach out to local businesses that want to create new buildings or make renovations to existing ones. After contacting a company, find out if they are in need of regular contract work and if they have a proposal list. If they do, ask to be added to their proposal list so that you may receive a Request For Proposal (RFP) the next time they are looking to hire contractors.
  2. Understand the RFP – Once you receive a RFP from a company it is important to look it over and understand clearly exactly what it is asking for. If any sections are missed or necessary information is left out, the company is probably not going to pick your business to work with. It is also important to have a good background on the company you are submitting a proposal to. Showing a strong understanding of their business will demonstrate that you took the time to get to know them and are interested in their needs — not just making money.
  3. Create Proposal – After reading through the RFP line by line, your are ready to start creating your proposal. Proposal pricing software is the best way to ensure that all necessary information has been added and to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date proposal possible. Proposal pricing software saves time and money, making the contract proposal process much more efficient. With this proposal software you can help your company keep things organized and gain access to essential information with the click of a button.

Contract proposals should never be rushed if you want to give your company the best chance of having our bid accepted. By doing your research, taking your time and using the most accurate proposal pricing software, you can ensure that your proposal is a serious contender.

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