Three Effective Ways to Prevent a Cyber Breach From Exposing Your Company’s Information

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Cyber attacks, data breaches and other network security concerns are among the top issues plaguing businesses big and small today. Small businesses without IT expertise are especially vulnerable to hackers; in 2012 alone, a stunning 87% of small businesses had sensitive information exposed in a data breach.

Even the federal government has faced cyber breaches — over the last six years, the U.S. government has seen an unbelievable 680% increase in cyber security breaches.

It’s clear that today’s businesses must take initiative and prevent data breaches before they happen. But how? To keep data breaches at bay and improve your company’s network security management, be sure to take these three preventive actions:

Follow all IT compliance mandates

Federal IT compliance mandates like HIPAA, as well as industry-based compliance mandates such as PCI and FISMA, shouldn’t be thought of as an annoyance or an obligation. These mandates are designed to help businesses like yours track and control sensitive data and protect it against data breaches. By following IT compliance mandates, you will be safe from cyber-security attacks — as well as some pretty nasty fines.

Prevent employee-related data breaches

No one wants to think that their own employees will leak sensitive information, but it’s more common than you may think. In recent years, 57% of small businesses have experienced staff-related cyber breaches. To limit your risk of one of these data breaches, screen all new employees before hiring them an immediately delete the accounts of employees leave the company.

Consider investing in IT managed services

IT managed services take away all the effort and stress of managing your own network security, making these services ideal for small businesses. Managed services provide a continuous monitoring of your networks to pinpoint any potential security risks, and your provider will keep you updated on this information. IT managed services are without a doubt an investment worth making.

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