Three Best Practices of Computing You Need to Keep in Mind When Building a Server Room

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Setting up your own onsite server room, while exceptionally beneficial to your business, can be one of the most challenging. Consider, you’ll need to protect the data on your servers from hostile entities, while simultaneously finding ways to reduce the risk of a fire and protect your employees. Environmental manipulation, constant hardware and software upgrades, cybercrime countermeasures — needless to say, you’re going to have your hands full trying to get it right. With these three simple ideas borne from the best practices of IT, you can make sure that, from the computer racks you choose to the room you put your computer server racks in, you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed in the Digital Age.

Three Things You Really Need to Consider When Setting up Your Server Room

  1. Develop and Maintain a Security Plan
  2. For Tech Republic, few things are as important for secure, reliable server solutions as a well thought out, well implemented security plan. It starts with putting your server room in the right place. Placing your server near an exterior wall, for instance, makes them far easier to breach. Falling behind on security updates to close any operating system and hardware loopholes will ring your company’s death knell faster than most other things. Keep these things in mind and plan accordingly.

  3. Provide Your IT Team with the Proper Environment
  4. If you want your IT team to set up a safe, reliable server room, you need to first provide them with a proper environment. Your storage room, with all its clutter and lack of ventilation, as the University of California Davis points out, is not a good idea. You need a well air conditioned room to keep your servers cool to avoid fire or component shortage. Obviously, the less dust and clutter in this room the better.

  5. Choose the Right Computer Server Racks
  6. Of course, few things are as crucial to your designs as your servers. That’s why you need to be really thoughtful and smart when choosing your computer server racks. Do they have enough power to safely fuel all of your systems? Does their size allow for adequate ventilation and cooling in the server room? What sort of on-board data security options do they come with? Ask yourself all of these questions to ensure you only buy computer server racks that can help your company thrive.

Is there something we failed to mention that you think is important to IT success when building a server room? Whether it pertains to server enclosures or air conditioning, share your thoughts in the comment section below. See this reference for more.

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