This Is What You’re Missing Out On If You’re Not Using Cloud Computing

Cloud assessment

It’s getting easier than ever to get started with cloud computing, thanks to cloud broker services that are connecting businesses and other large organizations with the hardwired and mobile cloud solutions they need. These cloud broker services do everything from initial assessments to documentation of deliverables. But do you really need to switch to the cloud? You’ll want a full cloud assessment from professional cloud consultants to get a better idea of all the ways working on the cloud might benefit your business; to get you started, however, here are five of the biggest reasons businesses all over the world are switching to the cloud:

  1. Lower Costs

    It simply costs less to store and share data via the cloud than it does to maintain internal servers. That’s true for virtually all sizes of businesses. Cloud computing also has a fairly low barrier to entry, since you’re not paying for a bunch of hardware and software licenses up front the way you are when you set up an on-site server.

  2. Fewer Upgrades

    If you’re sick of the endless upgrades that come along with using software installed on your desktop, you’ll love the streamlined experience of working on the cloud.

  3. Increased Mobility

    Need to access files while on a business trip, out to dinner or lying by the pool? That’s no problem if everything is automatically saved to the cloud.

  4. Enhanced Security

    While no security protocols are perfect, cloud storage companies invest far more in security than the average company can — that means you can take advantage of security that’s far tighter than anything you’d have either the technical expertise or the financial means to implement internally.

  5. Unlimited Scalability

    Almost all companies are looking to see some healthy growth, and cloud computing systems are endlessly and affordably scalable in ways that internal server systems simply can’t be. If you need more storage, you can get it instantly.

Have you already decided to implement cloud computing for your organization, or are you still on the fence? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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