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If you haven’t been taking advantage of your local printing companies, you could be missing out on some big projects. Your local print company can help you bring your ideas to life with a ton of different printing services, and some shops even offer rush printing to get your ideas back to you quickly and with amazing quality. Here are just a few ideas for things you can have made at your local print company!

Posters – With large format printing, you can make huge, vibrant posters with your own custom images. This is a great gift for baby showers and weddings, and can also be a creative solution for class projects. Or, you can just print posters to hang around your home. Some print companies also have other materials you can print on as well, like canvas or metal, to create unique and beautiful pieces that will make every room stand out. (You can also take advantage of large format printing for work assignments like charts and graphs.)

Cards – Have you ever wasted time in the grocery store card aisle trying to decide which of the hundreds of greeting cards you should pick? Get ahead of the game, and have some custom printed! By printing your own “Thank You,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Congratulations” cards, you’ll be able to save time and energy by having your occasion ready to go. You can print cards with pictures of your family, or you can make cards with other custom photographs! The possibilities are endless.

Books – If you have an upcoming celebration, nothing makes a better gift than a bound photo book. You can take family photos, wedding photos, or event photos, and have them immortalized forever on bound cardstock or glossy photo paper. This is a great way to let your memories live in bright, bound color, safe from any damage or ruin.

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