Hiring a New HR Manager

It can be argued that the most important resource for any company today is not the office building or the computers or papers inside, but the employees, the people. Motivated, qualified, and disciplined workers can help get a good day’s work done and move the company forward. But unmotivated, harassed, or overqualified employees may soon leave, and no manager wants to face high turnover rates. Employee retention can sometimes be a real issue for American companies today, and high turnover rates can cost a lot of money and cause extra trouble. Constantly losing talent at the office slows things down, so it is vital that the right people are hired for the job. Even better, the HR department can have a great HR executive manager to keep that department on track. HR structure models can be suggested by a smart and qualified new manager, and HR structure models can totally transform a bogged-down HR department. A new HR manager or other employee will not appear from nowhere; an executive staffing agency can help, as can HR executive search firms.

Job Recruiters

Companies often outsource specialized labor, from marketing to IT solutions, and this even includes hiring new people. There is good reason for this. As mentioned above, high turnover rates hurt a company, and in-house talent won’t always be up to the job of finding new managers or other talent. In fact, a recent survey done by Robert Half surveyed 1,400 executive managers today. Nearly one-third of them, 36% to be exact, said that a poor skills match is a major reason for failed hires aside from performance issues. And if bad managers are on the job, this can negative impact other workers, too.

This is why executive search firms exist: to match job candidates to job openings where they are a great match. Other job agencies work with lower-tier workers, and some are in fact temp agencies. The staff at hiring agencies know how to match a candidate to a job based on their education, skills, work history (if any), personality, and personal goals. This can allow a client company to get the best person for an open position, and this work can lower employee retention rates. Temp workers can use this opportunity to find their first jobs and get some work experience, which is important for a young worker’s resume. And employers will appreciate having new talent that is gentle on the payroll (temp workers get lower pay). Job candidates should be careful, however, since most employers look at social media profiles. Candidates are urged to remove questionable content from their profiles, especially material that criticizes a previous employer or suggests criminal behavior.

Human Resources

An HR department may need a new manger, and an executive search firm can help a client company find such a person. If well qualified (and they probably will be), this new manager can reorganize and streamline a chaotic HR department. HR structure models may be suggested for various levels of corporate work, and higher-up HR managers may be responsible for HR departments in several company locations. In that case, HR structure models can apply for the entire company, and not just one office. HR managers can also introduce new strategies to an existing HR department for hiring new workers, payroll issues, and handling worker complaints. New managers can use innovative HR structure models to make the HR department more responsive in everyday work, and other employees are bound to appreciate that.


A good HR department with a skilled new manager can help lower employee turnover rates. Why might employees quit? A worker may quit a company, for example, if they feel that their personal goals and network building needs are not being nurtured. A job isn’t just a source of income, but also an opportunity for personal growth. Employees might also quit if they never receive positive feedback about their work or if they are being bullied or harassed and get no help. A new HR manager can streamline his or her department to help address these various problems, and this can lower employee turnover rates. Doing so can help save a lot of money and trouble for that location or the entire company in the long run.

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