Establishing Your Successful Laundry Cleaning Business

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Some businesses will always be in demand, regardless of economic times. Laundry is one of those businesses. People will always require clean clothing and household items. Businesses, such as hotels, will always need clean bedding and hotel rooms to attract guests. Those without their own washers and dryers will always make the trip to the local laundry mat to clean their clothing items. The laundry business is one of the recession proof business models, but the business still requires certain items and services to remain successful among other laundry businesses.

Competitive prices

Although laundry is a necessity to many, most are not willing to pay a lot for it. In order to keep laundry customers coming to you for your services, you will need to set a competitive pricing standard. This price point needs to be more competitive than other laundry services in your local area. It also needs to be cheap enough to attract customers to your services, not making them choose to do their own laundry at home. Pairing convenience with competitive pricing is the key to success in the laundry market.

Provide convenience

When people pay to have their laundry and other household items cleaned, they expect it to be extremely convenient. If you are providing services for a resident, provide a convenient drop off and pick up service. Always have the items ready at the quoted time. Do not make your customers wait. Even offer large laundry trucks for pick up from their homes for your really busy laundry customers.

If you are providing service to an industrial customer, ensure that everything is properly cleaned and in a timely manner. Offering pick up and drop off service can also be extremely helpful as most commercial businesses have large amounts of laundry that would require large laundry trucks, something that they may not have access to. The additional benefit of transporting the clean linen items may be enough to keep them a loyal customer which is important, because by 2016, revenues of industrial laundry in the United States are projected to reach approximately 7.45 billion U.S. dollars. Other added benefits such as industrial laundry carts and bulk containers can make the laundry service easier for your employees and more convenient for your commercial customers.

Use high quality cleaning products

Laundry customers do not want to pay someone to professional clean their clothing and other household items with discounted laundry products. The products that you use to clean the items should be high quality, getting all of the dirt and grime out, and leaving the products smelling great. A high quality fabric sheet may be necessary for hard to clean or poorly smelling clothing items. If you notice any stains on the items, have a great stain removing product on hand. Your customers will notice these differences.

Offer do it yourself laundry services

Some customers will not be able to afford, or will not want to spend money on professional laundry services. However, you can still reach these customers by offering them a do it yourself laundry service. Some customers may not have access to laundry machines, while other may simply not have machines large or powerful enough for some of their items. Coin laundries have a market worth of between $50,000 and more than $1 million, generating $15,000 to $200,000 on a yearly basis.

Be sure to provide the do it yourself laundry customers with high quality products and items as well. They are more likely to return to your coin laundry service if they have access to items like laundry trucks, commercial rolling laundry trucks, and custom built bulk containers for larger items of theirs. Some laundry carts can hold up to 1,000 lbs, which is helpful for those with multiple bags of clothing and household items. Custom plastic parts may be necessary for some of the laundry trucks, ensuring that everything is working properly and efficiently.

Laundry is a chore that everyone does. It is also a commonly hated chore, leading many people to pay for professional laundry services. Although there is a demand for laundry services, a successful laundry company needs to be competitive enough to win out the business from other professional laundry service companies.

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