Ecommerce Is Moving At The Speed Of Light Keeping Up With Your Product Content Management System

Management is the foundation of any successful business model.

Your best marketing strategy won’t do much if you can’t keep track of all your customers wants, needs and concerns. One customer might want to make sure the product they’re searching is valid by checking on the description and pictures. Another may prefer a customer service experience that answers any questions they have. With ecommerce only moving faster by the day, a good product content management system could mean the difference between future success and falling behind.

Here are five things you should learn about a product content management system and the impact it has on your business.

American Ecommerce Is Taking Off

Now’s a great time to brush up on the benefits of a product content management system. American ecommerce sales reached a stunning $395 billion in 2016, with this n umber predicted to reach $685 billion by 2020. The consumer packaged goods industry is one of the largest North America, valued at $2 trillion and only expected to grow. Customers want convenient, quality and memorable customer service all in one package. Providing this on a consistent basis is as close as you can get to a guaranteed success for your brand.

All Sorts Of Products Are Ordered Online

It’s not just the latest electronics or clothes being ordered online. It’s becoming common to order groceries, too. A recent survey of 1,000 American consumers found around 35% planning on grocery shopping online in 2018. This is up from 20% in 2017. Not only can shopping for groceries online be useful when looking for a rare ingredient or specific brand, it’s also an accessible way for elderly and disabled populations to get the food they need. Your grocery images database, just like any other product, needs to be mobile accessible.

Mobile Shopping Is Incredibly Popular

Everyone is on-the-go. They want to browse online shops, look up a quick local service or just fill in time on the way to work. Mobile commerce has been found to make up 30% of all American ecommerce, meaning any catalog content management system that isn’t mobile accessible risks cutting your client base down by a significant margin. Your website should be mobile-friendly and easy-to-read, to start with. Your product attributes and images should also be clear and of a high-quality.

Consumers Want High Quality In Every Step

The buying process is complicated. You need to advertise your product or services to customers in a way that’s smart and sincere. You need to provide a customer service experience they won’t forget. You also need to consider what they’re seeing when they browse your website. A recent survey found 65% of respondents stating they want to see at least three pictures of a product when shopping online. Failing to do so can make your product look shady or underdeveloped, which can kill a potential sale just like that.

A Product Management System Will Keep You Organized

You want to stay organized as you get the hang of ecommerce. Customers are incredibly critical nowadays, what with so many options available at their fingertips, and every little detail you add to your repertoire gives you an edge. Your ecommerce images should be clear and of a high-quality. It’s been found 70% of ecommerce site users rank the ability to zoom in on product images to be among their top priority, right with having a wide variety to choose from. A product content management system will keep track of orders, trends, impressions and anything else you need to keep your perspective where it needs to be.

Good management makes or breaks a business. Is your product content management system up to the task?

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