5 Ways to Improve Your Online Content Marketing Strategy

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If you’re wondering how to promote your business online, it’s important to consider that online content marketing is becoming increasingly popular as Google focuses on websites that are useful to readers. The best SEO agencies are realizing they need to move away from articles loaded with keywords and incorporate new methods. But what should you write about to make sure your content is as useful as it is clickable?

1. Mix up the Format

Don’t get stuck in a rut of writing the same blog posts over and over when marketing your company. Plenty of internet users only skim these days anyway. Consider video posts, podcasts, images and infographics. Online publishers that use infographics have been shown to increase online traffic 12% more than those who don’t. Be creative and consider other mediums to get your point across.

2. Make some Lists

If the overwhelming success of Buzzfeed has taught internet marketing firms anything, it’s that people love their lists. In fact, online content posts that are structured as lists get 200% more links than those that don’t. When marketing your company, consider creating content in an engaging list format.

3. Pay Attention to Current Events

Comment on things that are changing now. Has there been an upward trend in job creation in your business sector? Did a recent technological innovation shake up the industry? Is a new market change forcing people in your industry to adapt? Write about it! You’re the expert and people want to hear what you have to say. Commenting on current events in an informed way shows that your company is canny and adaptive. If you’re reporting on a problem, be helpful. Give your readers tips and offer solutions through your company.

4. Write How-To Articles

The internet makes it easy for anyone to study up on pretty much anything overnight. Information has never been more accessible, and the public knows it. That means there are countless searches like “How to start a small business” and “How to build a shed.” This DIY attitude doesn’t have to be in competition with your business. People remember the sites that help them out, and they may even come back if you’re offering a service that helps them meet their goals.

A twist on the How-to is the How-to-work-with article. This can advise readers on how to work with a Homeowners Association, how to prepare for a meeting with a lawyer, or how to choose a family dentist the kids will like. These are quick and easy to tie into your own business and offers valuable advice people don’t always receive from their service providers.

5. Write Case Studies

Everyone loves a story. Consider writing case studies of certain clients or situations that your company has come across over the years. Case studies can read as compelling narratives on the readers end, but on yours, they’re an interview where you can put your best food forward. Explain how you communicated with the client and overcame problems. You don’t have to be laser focused. Getting too technical will drive consumers away and attract rivals looking to snap up good methods.

Consider what would be useful to the reader. An article about IV sedation might be strengthened by a patient describing the experience in detail so others know what to expect. An article about a client with a particularly difficult civil suit may reassure readers that you can handle their tricky case. Choose positive anecdotes.

Decide what your primary communication goal is, then choose the content that’s right for marketing your company, or hire an SEO marketing agency that’s in line with your goals. Helpful links: www.quezmedia.com

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