5 Tips for Picking an SEO Company

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Nearly 93% of all interactions with a web site start by using a search engine and at least 90% of online purchases start this way. When you consider that nearly 75% of all internet users will not scroll past the first page of a search, the importance of a decent ranking with services like Google is clear. In 2014, approximately 40% of all internet advertising spending was on Google. Google Adwords is a very good marketing tool. If your business wants to improve your performance in this area, an SEO company might be a wise one to hire.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become very important for many businesses. An SEO company helps their websites be easier to find by Google so that when certain searches are performed, their webpage will pop up at or near the top of the search.

How to pick an SEO company.

  1. Ask about what sized websites do they handle. Good SEO companies handle websites that are different sizes for businesses of all sizes and configurations. You SEO company should be able to give you great service regardless of the size of your page or business.
  2. What is their customer service like? Do not go with an SEO company that will not answer your questions or get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. No, that does not mean if you want an answer at 2:00 am, you can get it then but if you call on Monday and they do not get back to you by Friday, you need to talk to a different SEO service.
  3. What is their specific plan for your site? The SEO company you hire should be able to give you specific recommendations and offer you a detailed plan about how they will increase your page?s ranking on Google. They should be able to analyze your current keywords and let you know what can be done to improve this aspect of your site. If applicable, they should be able to give you a set of different keywords to drive more traffic to your site.
  4. How often will you get reports? Any reputable SEO company will provide you with regular, detailed reports of your websites performance. This is how you can see if SEO marketing is the best way to grow your business. As important as SEO is, some businesses perform better when they balance their SEO marketing strategies with traditional marketing. The important thing to look for is the trajectory and direction of hits and visits to your site. A gradual increase in users and sales may be more sustainable than an immediate huge jump.
  5. How much will it cost? Price is always a factor in any service you purchase for your business and this is no different. Your best bet is to not go with the highest or lowest price. The highest may not come from the best company and the cheapest may end up costing you a lot more than their initial quote. Talk to a number of companies, they do not have to be local to you, and get an idea of what different companies charge before you make your final decision.


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