5 Thigns to Consider About Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social media

Content based SEO is quickly becoming the new model for online marketing. 93 percent of online sessions begin with a search engine. Over 75 percent of search users choose organic results over sponsored, paid listings. 88 percent of small businesses report that the owner serves as the primary marketer. It is reported that 90 percent of all companies do some sort of social media marketing but just one out of every eight measure the revenue impact directly from social media. When it comes to online marketing, businesses are coming to realize that it is going to help them boost their bottom line with the help of social media.

When it comes to online marketing, there are quite a few areas which need some attention. Some of the most important are brand marketing, business consulting, custom website design, and even a professional logo designer NJ should be brought into the mix in order to create a unique and powerful image. Given the fact that online marketing is quickly becoming the preferred method amongst the business landscape, it make sense that more and more companies invest their finances in an online marketing strategy that turns traffic into potential business which, in turn, boosts their bottom line.

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