What Is the Definition of Wastewater Management?

Methods to treat wastewater

In a time when there seems to be a good deal of uncertainty about the future of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is possible that more and more cities will spend more time understanding the definition of wastewater treatment and the impact it has on a community. Across the country, in towns both small and large, city officials often find themselves in negotiations for both locations and providers of wastewater treatment technologies.
As individual citizens and entire communities try to brace themselves for the changes that could be part of the new Presidential administration, few doubt that it will always be iContinue reading

Desert and Denim Trade Show Opens to Public For First Time

Fsc certification

Even though the average U.S. trade show visitor spends around 9.5 hours viewing booths, trade expos are often considered to be corporate affairs and rather mundane. But one cutting-edge trade show, Desert and Denim, defies these expectations. Since 2015, it’s been an exclusive expo just for makers and wholesale buyers of denim and other hipster-oriented products. This year, however, they’ve opened the event up to the public-at-large.
The boho-hipster trade show in Joshua Tree focuses on bringing together makers of high-quality fashion and accessories. The creators of the self-proclaimed renegade tradeshow have made it their mission “to introduce unique brands to a curated group of buyers who appreciate an American style and value a community experienceContinue reading

Keeping an Eye on Large Tanks for Sale for Use in Your Industrial Plant

Bolted tank construction

In any kind of industrial setting, one of the things that you need to get right from the very outset is storage. Indeed, in an industrial setting, there is the regular need to store different items and raw materials, and having the right storage is of great importance if you want your industrial processes to go smoothly and efficiently. Storing liquid material is on of the things that many industrial settings have in common, and this is where having the right storage solution matters the most. You want to storage solution which has enough space to hold the amount of fluid that you would use at a particular point of time, while also requiring certain other features like being able to stop contamination of your important liquid material, and to be able to dispense the amount of material that you chooContinue reading