4 Useful Pieces of Advice for Companies Hiring New Executives

Filling empty executive positions in your company is never an easy task. Whether or not you decide to hire from within, you’re in for a series of difficult decisions. This short guide is aimed at helping you along the process of the executive search in hopes of finding the perfect fit for your open position.

1. Use a Firm For Help

Using an executive search consultant service or a talent acquisition management service can be an incredibly quick and effective way to find a suitable hire for an executive role. These executive search companies are similar to staffing agencies except they are focused on placing high level potential employees into the appropriate positions. This search can apply to HR, financial roles or even department head positions, and an executive search agency will likely be able to help.

2. Cast a Wide Net

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Is Your Company in Need of New Executive Leadership Talent?

It was only a look, barely a smile, but it was significant. When you came home from work on Friday you were excited to tell your wife about the small detail that you noticed at the executive meeting that morning. The president and vice presidents, and a couple other members of the leadership team, meet once a week to recap old events and strategize upcoming events.
At today’s meeting someone mentioned the upcoming need for an official chief technical officer (CTO). As the comment was made you, who now in the role of vice president in charge of special projects, noticed one of the key leaders in the company smile and look your way. It was subtle, but you came home from work even more excited than normal. Whether or not there was an upcoming promotion, you know that the decision to visit with executive HR search firms three years ago has paid off. This new position at a new company is far more than you ever expected. You realize that the human resources recruiters you met with knew wContinue reading