Is Your Company in Need of New Executive Leadership Talent?

It was only a look, barely a smile, but it was significant. When you came home from work on Friday you were excited to tell your wife about the small detail that you noticed at the executive meeting that morning. The president and vice presidents, and a couple other members of the leadership team, meet once a week to recap old events and strategize upcoming events.
At today’s meeting someone mentioned the upcoming need for an official chief technical officer (CTO). As the comment was made you, who now in the role of vice president in charge of special projects, noticed one of the key leaders in the company smile and look your way. It was subtle, but you came home from work even more excited than normal. Whether or not there was an upcoming promotion, you know that the decision to visit with executive HR search firms three years ago has paid off. This new position at a new company is far more than you ever expected. You realize that the human resources recruiters you met with knew wContinue reading

3 Reasons to Choose IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is where a company uses IT support that is out-of-house rather than having an in-house IT help desk. This is a great option for smaller businesses who need IT services, but also need to save money and space. There are plenty of benefits to choosing this kind of system and if you’re considering it it’s probably a wise decision. Let’s go over a few of the top reasons why.

Save Money

There are a lot of extra expenses that can come with an in-house IT system. You aren’t just paying for the time and work performed, there are things like training, equipment, and maintenance to consider. Maintaining an in-house operation comes with extra, costly responsibilities.

You can save money with IT outsourcing by cutting out extra costs and creating a more consistent payment schedule. This cost may grow as your company grows, but it’s patterns will still remain more consistent and easier to budgContinue reading

Social Media Is One Of The Most Power Marketing Tools-Why?

Different businesses use social media marketing online. It is easy because you can create multiple accounts and reach millions of people within a short time. The task, however, is not easy for the person in charge. Social media platforms have for a long time been seen as a time waster or just a hobby for people who are bored. It is far from that; social media can help nurture prospects and increase your sales with time. But, what makes social the evergreen platform for a business to market its services or products.

It’s the Best Place to Get Insights
If you want to know what your target wants, social media marketing is the best option. Here, you can listen and learn from conversations, which your prospects engage in. You can use internet marketing tools such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite to listen to trending conversations from your targeted audience. This will help you know how to approach and talk to potential customers with the help of social media marketinContinue reading