How Can SEO Services Help My Small Business?

Search engine optimization

What catches your eye when you spend time on the internet? Are you someone who has several tabs open at a time so that you can click back and forth from your online shopping and keep up with social media posts at the same time? Do you click on every cute panda video that you see? Or, unlike the rest of us, do you focus on the task at hand so that you can make the most efficient use of your computer time?
Whatever your online habits are, you can be certain that internet marketing professionals are studying them, analyzing them, and figuring out what they can do to keep you on their sites. Did you know that over 27 million pieces of content are shared each and every day. In an attempt to capture the attention of internet users, companies across the world spent $118 billion on content marketing lasContinue reading

California Department of Transportation Accidentally Cuts ATandT Fiber Optic Cables

75 ft ethernet cable

Bulk fiber optic cables might not be the most expensive thing in the world, but that probably doesn’t make ATandT or Humboldt County, CA residents any happier about a recent accidental mishap. A crew of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) workers were taking care of some maintenance between Fortuna and Rio Dell working on storm cleanup when they unintentionally cut fiber optic cables run by ATandT Wednesday (12/9) morning. The result of which was disrupted phone and internet service in Humboldt County, according to the areas local news site KRCRTV.comContinue reading

4 Trends You’ll See in 2016 Search Engine Optimization

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As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 looms ever closer, it’s time for digital marketing specialists to look at how search engine optimization is going to change over the next year. While SEO trends can’t be predicted with total certainty, the best way to ensure that your SEO services aren’t derailed is to have an idea about which trends will likely fade away and which trends will become more prominent.

So with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how SEO is likely to change throughout 2016:

  • This year was the very first year that mobile searches became more prominent than desktop searches, and it’s likely that mobile search will only become bigger in the coming yearContinue reading