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aboutpicMy name’s Thurston Wemberton, tennis extraordinaire. I was born on a tennis court – literally! Ever since that fateful day I’ve been surrounded by the trappings of wealth and the glorious sport of tennis. Throughout my childhood, my family moved from beach resort to beach resort at a rate of about one per month. I saw the shorelines of every major continent by the time I was ten months old. The one thing my surroundings all had in common was the vibrant green of the tennis courts. As I grew older I developed twin passions for tennis and for web commerce. At the age of 13 I began making business deals with the other wealthy tennis players I challenged at the world’s most opulent resorts. Soon I had most of the wealthiest 1% in my thrall. I built an empire of ecommerce sites where major financial dealings were going down daily. Now, at age 25, I run my own beach resort/tennis academy/web design workshop hybrid campus. Our servers are… exquisite. I run this blog now to support my growing campus. Serve it up!

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