Location Intelligence Solutions Give Businesses Powerful MarketingTools

Geospatial information system

Spatial data analysis helps businesses to see what’s happening ?on the ground? with their customer base. Using geocoding and address and household level data, it helps to understand customer locations, the geographical context of their shopping and spending decisions, and the overall market environment. Location intelligence solutions use cloud-based software, geo-demographic data and professional services to help clients? planning and marketing operations.

What is location intelligence?
Oddly enough, the development of cloud based software helps businesses get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the ground. Location inteContinue reading

3 Things Your Hotel Management System Needs

Hotel pms systems

This summer has been big for travel so far, and it seems like that momentum won’t be slowing down any time soon. In fact, 75% of travelers claim to be planning at least one weekend getaway this coming winter. With gas prices at an even keel, more people are deciding to get away for a while, even if only for a few days. If you’re in the hospitality business, this news should excite you. It should also cause you to reexamine the technology you’re using to conduct business in the best possible way. After all, travelers are finding better ways to book hotels, compare rates, and more.

As the technology for traveling guests improves, the technology for hotel management must follow suit. For instance, people now have access to loads of relevant information on where they’d like to stay, including reviews from otheContinue reading

Planning to Grow Your Business? Find Out More About Magnetic ID Card Readers and Other Scanning Technologies

Magnetic card scanner

There are a variety of cards and documents that are used for identification, purchasing, tracking, and other purposes. Given this, it was inevitable that scanning technologies would be further developed for more efficient and effective usage. Furthermore, these devices are able to save time and streamline productivity in a variety of work environments.

Magnetic ID Card Reader

There are a large number of cards that now use magnetic strips to contain important information. These magnetic strips can store approximately 60 characters, and may include a person’s name and account number as well as other types of vital information.

Credit cards, store membership cards, state identification cards, library cards, and printing cards are just a few of the types of cards that use this technContinue reading